Thursday, April 10

K2 Easter Party

Lawson's class had their Easter party today at The Runway Cafe. The kids had such a great time and it was such a great idea to have the party there. One of Lawson's classmates parents owns the Cafe so we were able to tour the FedEx Cargo plane, the kids got to sit in a smaller plane, have lunch and a Easter egg hunt at the playground! Thank you Liz and Mike for hosting, we had such a great time!

Our tour guide!

Lawson's class and wonderful teacher Mrs. Ulmer

Lunch in the Cafe

Saturday, February 22

Grace Tea

Today was the Grace Tea, the Grace circle that I am a member of at our church hosts this annual event and it was so much fun, I'm so glad I was able to be a part of it all! Members of the church decide to host a table and decorate it in a theme of their choice. Our Sunday School class also purchased a table for the tea and we all decided to decorate it in a baby theme because 7 of the girls in the class are pregnant or have just started having their babies. It turned out so cute! Here are a lot of photos.