Thursday, September 8

Laundry Closet to Laundry Room

I took on the task of sprucing up our laundry closet and am so happy with the results.

Most of you know that we live in a pretty small house, just two bedrooms, one bathroom and one teeny tiny laundry closet. I love our home, but being unorganized is almost impossible when you have such limited space.  Hence the reason I had to do something with this horrible laundry space.
Ever since we moved in we've kind of just closed the doors whenever we had guests over and just hoped that no one accidentally opened them to reveal the disaster that you see in the "Before" pictures below.

Once I started to stay at home, I started doing every ones laundry and it really became apparent to me just how much I hated this closet.  Seeing as how I spend a lot of time standing in front of it I just had to find a way to make it more pleasant for me to look at.

So with that in mind..... I did a little research online, mostly looking for ways to spruce up a laundry closet, and organizational ideas or ways to make a small laundry closet feel more like a laundry room.  I came across some really helpful information and with that I got to work.

All in all, in my laundry "room" make-over project I would say that the most important thing that I learned was to treat the room like you would any other space in your house.  This includes painting it the way you would the rest of the house, hanging pictures, and putting your towels and decorative accessories out just like you would any other part of your house.  It makes sense, if you don't want it to look like a drab and dreary closest, don't decorate it that way!

How do you keep your laundry room or closet looking nice and neat?


I purchased the baskets that the towels are in from Good Will for about $3, I spray painted them black for a more uniformed look. 
I used our leftover living room paint to paint the inside of the closet.

The mirrors on the wall were something I used in my college apartment. Once again...spray painted them black and hung them on the wall. Ta-Da!

I covered the light switch plate in a piece of sample fabric I got a few years ago when I was trying to decide on curtain fabric for my dining room.  The framed piece of paper is a stain removal guide by Martha Stewart. (also spray painted an old frame we had laying around the house, black)

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