Thursday, September 1

Learning to Sew

I've always wanted to learn how to sew. My mom can sew and has made all of the curtains in my house and, with the help of my Aunt Anne, made all of Lawson's nursery bedding too. Watching her kind of struck a cord in me once again to want to learn how to do it for myself, so I started taking a beginners sewing class at Marietta's Quilt and Sew. So far I've learned how to thread a bobbin and a sewing machine and I made a cute pillow case and apron in my first two classes!

First Class: We were instructed to pick through a minimal selection of pre-cut fabric to make our pillow case, which explains my lovely ugly dinosaur fabric that you see in the picture below.  I've actually been using the pillow to put behind Lawson so he has something soft to fall back onto when he gets tired of sitting up. I think the reason for pre-cutting the fabric is so that you are not overwhelmed in your first class and  can just focus on the actual sewing!

Second Class: As for the apron, we were able to choose any fabric we wanted (yay!) and although I didn't purposely try to match my kitchen, the yellow in the floral fabric ended up looking great with our yellow paint in our kitchen - lucky me! I plan to make more of these, I think they would make great gifts...and how cute would monogram be on the fold down under the neck? that I am a sewing expert....I've decided I want to learn how to make a longall or jon-jon for my first sewing project. I found a pattern that I like and think it will work, and even though I have no idea how to use it, I'm determined to figure it out! .....Stay tuned....

Have you ever used a pattern to sew by? Are they really hard to follow? 

We love your thoughts and comments!

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