Thursday, October 27

Halloween Part 3 of 3 - Lawson Chocolate Chip Cookie

I'm sure all of you can not wait to find out what the costume looks like, especially after this post from earlier this month, Lawson's Halloween Costume.  

We had a great time at the Boo Bash today at Bouncing Babies.  Lawson won 2nd place for best costume. We had tons of fun seeing all of the other great costumes and we always enjoy the company of the other adults and babies. Grandpa joined in on all of the fun too because he works right next door to the library. Lawson was so surprised and happy to see him there.

To make the costume, I purchased some tan and dark brown fabric off a clearance table at Tony's Fabric store. 
I cut out four circles of the tan fabric. Two for the front and two for the back.  The two pieces are sewn together to make the front and the back of the cookie. I used a fiberloft polyester pillow type stuffing to make it full like you see in the pictures. 
I  tried to be random about the stuffing  because I didn't want the cookie to look perfectly symmetrical(cookies aren't perfectly round....if your friends with me on Facebook, you will see that in the picture that I posted of the horrible cookies I BAKED!)   
Anyway, for the chips, I  just cut out random shapes of the dark brown fabric and those are sewn onto the front and back of the cookie.  
The straps on the side are just long pieces of the tan fabric sewn to the inside of the cookie. 
The straps on the shoulders are just a little bit wider straps sewn to the inside of the circles as well. 
He is wearing a dark brown long sleeve onesie and some dark brown pajama pants underneath the cookie. 

2nd Place Award and book he won for Best Costume, yay Go Lawson!

I was worried that he wouldn't be able to crawl around with the cookie on but it did not seem to bother him at all.

 BOO Bash 

Lawson checking out the toys

Making sure every single toy is out of the bin and on the floor

Happy Halloween !!

Sunday, October 16

Fall For Greenville

We went to Fall For Greenville this weekend and had a nice time. Lawson really enjoyed watching all of the children run around and watching the big kids ride all of the rides. Lawson also got his very first balloon from one of the vendors at the festival. He loved it! Here are a few photos I took while we were there(they are mostly just Lawson checking out his balloon!)

Strolling around, checking things out

Waiting in line 

Mike giving Lawson his yellow balloon

He loved it

 He was more interested in the balloon than the Ferris wheel

Wednesday, October 12

Halloween Part 2 of 3: Life Savers For Life Insurance

Living with a 8 month old, I have accumulated a lot of baby food jars. I used them as the votive for the candles you see in my Festive Fall: Mantel post from earlier this month. Originally, I started saving them because I would like to use them to hang in our Crape Myrtle beside our porch in our backyard, but I haven't figured out how I am going to do this yet(more later). 

Anyway, Mike's business Head Financial Group, Inc issues life, health, and disability insurance to groups and individuals. I  thought a cute Treat for Halloween for Head Financial to give out would be to put lifesavers in the jars and decorate them with some Halloween fabric. Basically, I bought the fabric and  yarn from Wal-mart for about $6.  The fabric was $3.47 exactly, I bought all they had and I think it came out to be about 1 1/2 yards. I cleaned my jars really good, and removed any extra glue with Goo Gone. I bought a big bag of lifesavers and ate a lot of them while I working on this so I had some really fresh breath at the end.   :)
I'm going to put a little tag on them with Head Financial's contact information too,  I'll post another picture once I have finished.

Lawson loved looking at himself in this crazy mirror in the Halloween section at Wal-Mart


Can you think of any other ideas of ways to re-use baby food jars?

I ended up not using the little leaf stickers you see in the pictures above because I thought the jars were just as cute without them, and once I started putting the contact info on I just thought it was too much.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 11

Halloween Part 1 of 3: Lawson's Costume

I've been working on Lawson's Halloween costume on and off for about a month now.  Mike loves "these"(so do I) and we both loved the idea of Lawson being "one" so that is how is how we picked the costume.  I still have some work to do so you won't see the finished results until closer to Halloween!  I'll give you a two hints.

1. Your Mom probably told you not to have these until after dinner

2. They are really good with milk

Guesses?? :)

Sunday, October 9

1st Clemson Football Game Homecoming

We took Lawson to his first Clemson football game yesterday. He loved tailgating and took a nap in the hammock before the game. The noise inside the stadium scared him so we spent most of our time in the concourse area under the seats.  Once we decided that he wasn't going to be able to sit in the stands, I took him back to our tailgating spot and Mike was able to go back in the game to sit with some of our friends to watch the rest of the game. Clemson is doing so great this season, we are 6-0 and on the road next week to play the Maryland Terrapins. We hope the Tigers can keep it up and are glad Lawson's first Clemson football season has been so good, so far!  Here are some pictures of our day.

Napping before the game

Mike carrying Lawson into Death Valley for the first time

So loud! 
Much better

Memorial Stadium

 Watching the game

 Lost my shoes and socks

He loved feeling the wall

Tuesday, October 4

Eight Months Old

It is hard to believe Lawson is 8 months old today.  He is getting so big and is becoming so aware of everything that's going on around him. He figured out how to sit up on his own a couple of weeks ago, and is almost pulling himself up to standing. He tries really hard to pull himself up in his crib at night and has been keeping himself up doing that and other acrobats before finally giving up and falling asleep.  He is such a cute and loving little boy, we love him so so so much. Happy 8 month old birthday Lawson! 

Bedtime.....probably not a good time for photo taking

Now I'm happy - I am standing!

Uh-oh! Fell down!

Saturday, October 1

Festive Fall Mantel

I'm always really excited once fall and winter come around. They are my favorite seasons, winter clothes, cool nights, football, its like you can smell the holidays in the air! So I did some decorating to my mantel to try and make our house feel a little more festive.  Have you done any fall decorating in your house?


Lawson helping decorate
I'm still trying to decide if I am going to use the wreath. I may spray paint it black and put it under the mantel. 

I tied some orange and gold-ish ribbon around the topiary. 

After: Fall Mantel
I swapped the silver mirror out for a gold one that we have hanging in our dining room. They are almost identical. The silver one may come back out when I decorate for Christmas or I may stay with the gold, or I might not use either.....  :)

Left side of the Fall Mantel:
Our wedding invitation framed with pressed flower art. This is one of  my favorite gifts that we received when we were married.  Hanging beside the invitation are two pictures of Lawson.

Center of the Fall Mantel:
Babyfood jars painted orange with letters F A L L on the outside, battery powered tea light candles inside
(I used the tea lights we used in our wedding. We used them for luminary bags leading up to the front entrance of the church. We were married during the holidays, December 20th)

Right Side of the Fall Mantel:
"H" Pumpkin, I printed the H on the computer, taped it to the pumpkin and outlined it with a black sharpie. A glass with leaves inside, and white candle.

Inside the Fireplace:
"H" blanket laying in basket, Martha Stewart pumpkins(I used these last year, too)

The end!