Sunday, October 9

1st Clemson Football Game Homecoming

We took Lawson to his first Clemson football game yesterday. He loved tailgating and took a nap in the hammock before the game. The noise inside the stadium scared him so we spent most of our time in the concourse area under the seats.  Once we decided that he wasn't going to be able to sit in the stands, I took him back to our tailgating spot and Mike was able to go back in the game to sit with some of our friends to watch the rest of the game. Clemson is doing so great this season, we are 6-0 and on the road next week to play the Maryland Terrapins. We hope the Tigers can keep it up and are glad Lawson's first Clemson football season has been so good, so far!  Here are some pictures of our day.

Napping before the game

Mike carrying Lawson into Death Valley for the first time

So loud! 
Much better

Memorial Stadium

 Watching the game

 Lost my shoes and socks

He loved feeling the wall

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