Monday, November 14

Special Gifts for Christmas

I've been thinking about Christmas and how it will be Lawson's first Christmas. I'm wondering what kind of traditions we will start as a family of four (including our dog Moose) but because Lawson won't remember any of it I would really like for him to at least get one gift that is kind of special ...something that he can have for many years to come, unlike the toys that he will grow out of and will probably be given to a consignment store or donated to Goodwill.  

I'm thinking about making him a stocking.... my best friend bought our stockings, which we had on our wedding registry at Pottery Barn when we got married but they no longer sell the same ones so I can't get Lawson a matching one. 

Hopefully I'll think of something kind of special or different to give to him so he can at least have a "memento" from his first Christmas. 

Do you have any ideas?

Here are some pretty Christmas pictures, maybe this will get the people who don't like to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving into the spirit a little early this year! :)

Friday, November 11


Forget Pinterest, I am in *love* with Olioboard.

You can create design boards for rooms.  Fabrics, pillows, accessories, flooring, furniture, lighting, it has it all and it is SO easy to use...and FREE!

Warning: if you like this kind of stuff you will probably become addicted like me.

Click Here!

Tuesday, November 8

Trip to Alabama: New Nephew

Here are some pictures from our trip to Alabama to see our new nephew David.  We had a great time and hope to go back sometime real soon! Thanks Heather and Daniel for letting us stay the weekend with all of you!

Wednesday, November 2

First Halloween - Boo!

We took Lawson trick or treating on Halloween. He wasn't very interested the candy but he did really enjoy our friend Charlotte's, teddy grahams. He kept taking them out of her snack bowl and eating them the while they were riding in the wagon. Thanks for sharing with us Charlotte!
Here are some pictures from the evening.