Thursday, January 5

December and January: Catch up!

The first weekend in December we headed to Charlotte, NC to watch the Tigers WIN the ACC Championship game against Virgina Tech.
Here are a couple photos from the game

Go Tigers!

We spent the next weekend in Charleston visiting my best friend and her baby Landyn.

We found out at that Mikes brother Ben and our sister-in-law Elizabeth are expecting a baby girl in April! We can't wait to have another niece and are thrilled for their family! They will be such great parents.

After that we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on the 20th.

During all of this my dining room was functioning as a wrapping paper workshop and I did not get to any sewing. I did get some sewing accessories for Christmas though and I can't wait to try them out.
I got this Rotary Cutter

And  this cutting mat

We had a bunch of family come into town for the holidays and spent a lot of time with all of them.
The best news though, was that my best friend was able to bring her baby  home for the first time right before Christmas! It was so amazing to see her finally come home with her baby boy after 4 months. Here is a slideshow of Landyn coming home for the first time.

As for Lawson, he is busy getting into EVERYTHING...and I mean everything...he seems to find the most dangerous thing in any room and that is what he wants to play with, he has no interest in any of his toys and we are doing our best trying to baby proof everything but it seems that once we think we've got everything out of reach and indestructible he shows us otherwise!  I love that he likes to explore but I do have to admit I am sometimes kind of jealous of the people who say their child "never messed with anything, and they never had to worry about him/her getting into anything"...this does not describe my Lawson one bit!
Here is a very short video of Lawson using his walker that Grandma and Grandpa got him for Christmas!
 He is using it more now but this was one of the first times he actually got up and walked with it. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!


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