Monday, February 27

Hooded Bath Towels: Sewing

I was invited to another baby shower for Miss Mary Mathews. At this shower everyone was assigned a letter of the alphabet and you were supposed to bring a gift that started with the letter you had. I had the letter "H" and wanted to use some of the leftover fabric from the blanket that I made for her here

I thought about some of the wonderful gifts that were given to me at my baby showers for Lawson, and remembered getting a BIG soft Hooded bath towel that I love and that we use all of the time. 

 This was fairly simple so I decided to make Lawson one too. I used the fabric from his his blanket too.

Making Lawson's towel
Trying it out :)

Sorry my pictures aren't that great, for some reason I did not take very many pictures while making these!

Saturday, February 25

Floor Cushion: Sewing

Lawson is always pulling our pillows off of our couch and chairs in our living room so I thought he might like a floor cushion to sit on, or lie on, or whatever.
This is something I saw on Pinterest a few months ago and thought it was so cute!
I bought this fabric when I was purchasing the fabric I used for Lawson's Halloween costume, originally I thought I would make some pillow covers to cover some of the pillows we already have. This fabric matches my valences and the light blue piping matches the paint on our living room walls.
I knew this one would be in the living room most of the time so I wanted to match our living room colors.
I think these would be really cute in a nursery or toddler's bedroom too. 

Cutting out the circles 
Sewing the piping onto one of the circles
Turned right side out

Floor cushion

Tuesday, February 21

Update: Blanket for Mary Mathews

I mentioned in this post that I was making a blanket for Lawson. Here are a couple of pictures.

 I hope he likes it!

I think the owl fabric is really cute!

Tuesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today we are celebrating Valentine's Day. 

It is hard to believe this is Lawson's second Valentine's Day!  I love him even more now!
 I can't imagine how much I will love him when it is his 20th Valentine's Day! :) 

Here are some pictures of what we are doing today to celebrate. 


What a difference a year makes

 We decorated our mantel last week

 Lawson made this card for Mike today

  He can't wait to give it to him when he gets home from work

Back of the card with Lawson's feet 

We made sugar cookies too

With festive pink icing

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Monday, February 13

Blanket for Mary Mathews: Sewing

I made a blanket for my soon to be niece,Mary Mathews, who is due to arrive in April! My sister-in-law had a baby shower on Saturday in Augusta, Georgia and I gave the blanket to her then. 

I bought this fabric from Lawson has a blanket similar to this that my Aunt made for him before he was born. He just loves the soft fabric, and sleeps with it all of the time. I guess you could call it his lovey. 

I am making Lawson another blanket the exact same as the one he already has, with hopes that he will be able to use it to sleep with at nap time. This way I will be able to get the one that my Aunt made away from him for long enough to wash it! 

Here are some pictures of the blanket I made for Mary Mathews.

We cannot wait for April to get here so we can finally meet her!

Sunday, February 5

Lawson's First Birthday

Saturday we celebrated Lawson's first birthday! We had a small party at home with lots of great family, cupcakes, a small cake, cookies, and a lot of great presents! Here are some pictures of the celebration!

 Happy 1st Birthday Lawson!

Even Landyn came to celebrate with us! Thank you Mackenzie, Landyn and John!!

 He didn't really know what to do with his cake

 Eating his birthday cupcake

 ABS Cakes did a great job on Lawson's cake! They made all of my cakes for my Birthday parties when I was a little girl too!

Getting a birthday hug and kiss from Daddy
 Riding in my Cozy Coupe from Pop and Nana!

 Riding in my Radio Flyer from Grandma and Grandpa!

 Thank you to everyone who came to the party and for all of the great gifts and thank you for everything you have done to help us throughout his first year! We love all of you very much!
-Sara, Mike, and Lawson