Monday, February 13

Blanket for Mary Mathews: Sewing

I made a blanket for my soon to be niece,Mary Mathews, who is due to arrive in April! My sister-in-law had a baby shower on Saturday in Augusta, Georgia and I gave the blanket to her then. 

I bought this fabric from Lawson has a blanket similar to this that my Aunt made for him before he was born. He just loves the soft fabric, and sleeps with it all of the time. I guess you could call it his lovey. 

I am making Lawson another blanket the exact same as the one he already has, with hopes that he will be able to use it to sleep with at nap time. This way I will be able to get the one that my Aunt made away from him for long enough to wash it! 

Here are some pictures of the blanket I made for Mary Mathews.

We cannot wait for April to get here so we can finally meet her!

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