Saturday, February 25

Floor Cushion: Sewing

Lawson is always pulling our pillows off of our couch and chairs in our living room so I thought he might like a floor cushion to sit on, or lie on, or whatever.
This is something I saw on Pinterest a few months ago and thought it was so cute!
I bought this fabric when I was purchasing the fabric I used for Lawson's Halloween costume, originally I thought I would make some pillow covers to cover some of the pillows we already have. This fabric matches my valences and the light blue piping matches the paint on our living room walls.
I knew this one would be in the living room most of the time so I wanted to match our living room colors.
I think these would be really cute in a nursery or toddler's bedroom too. 

Cutting out the circles 
Sewing the piping onto one of the circles
Turned right side out

Floor cushion

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  1. Cute!! This almost makes me want to learn to sew!