Monday, February 27

Hooded Bath Towels: Sewing

I was invited to another baby shower for Miss Mary Mathews. At this shower everyone was assigned a letter of the alphabet and you were supposed to bring a gift that started with the letter you had. I had the letter "H" and wanted to use some of the leftover fabric from the blanket that I made for her here

I thought about some of the wonderful gifts that were given to me at my baby showers for Lawson, and remembered getting a BIG soft Hooded bath towel that I love and that we use all of the time. 

 This was fairly simple so I decided to make Lawson one too. I used the fabric from his his blanket too.

Making Lawson's towel
Trying it out :)

Sorry my pictures aren't that great, for some reason I did not take very many pictures while making these!

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