Sunday, April 29

New family member: Mary Mathews

Mary Mathews finally arrived on April 29th. She is absolutely adorable and we love her so much. Her parents are doing great and we are thrilled to have a new niece and cousin.

Thursday, April 19

Prowl and Growl 2012: Go Tigers!

One of our favorite events is the Prowl and Growl held every spring. It is a chance to get to hear the Clemson coaches talk about the past season and hear what they think we have to look forward to for the upcoming season!
Mike, Lawson and Coach Dabo

Sunday, April 8

Happy Easter!

We spent Easter Sunday at church with our family. The Easter Bunny was very good to Lawson this year. Here are some pictures of our day. Happy Easter!

Checking out all of his stuff from the Easter Bunny!