Tuesday, June 26

Lawson 16 Months: Things I want to Remember

Our little boy is growing so fast, it seems like he changes every single day. He is so sweet and I just can't get enough of him!
He is 16 months old, weighs about 26 pounds and wears mostly size 18 month clothes.  
His favorite things to play with are trucks, cars, and any type of ball. He says no, Ma!(short for Mama), dad-dee, GaaMa(Grandma), Nana(banana), dog, car, Shuzz(shoe), nite-nite, among some other things but those are his favorites. He loves waving to anyone he passes, loves taking a bath, swimming in the pool, and just playing outside in general.
He usually gets up around 8AM, take a nap from 12-2 and goes to bed around 8PM. He likes pizza, pasta, hotdogs, grilled cheese, PB and J, and LOVES green beans and bananas!
He is learning how to run and will say "Go!" and take off across our living room back and forth until he can't "go" anymore. 
He likes throwing the ball to our dog Moose over and over again.
He has recently started telling us what the animals "say", like when we ask him "What does the cow say?" he says "moooo" or "What does the dog say?" he will say "Woof Woof"

Here are a few photos that I love.

We love you Lawson!

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