Saturday, July 28

Pine Island Family Reunion

This weekend we had a family reunion with my Mom's side of the family. It is held at a state park in Columbia which is a central meeting place for most of us. We had a lot of fun catching up with everyone and Lawson had a great time running around with all of the older kids. Last year he was only 5 months old and wasn't even crawling yet so he really got to have a lot more fun this year!
It is hard to get us all together so this day is always extra special! Here are a couple of photos.

All of my cousins(minus 2) and their children
Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren

My cousins children

Wednesday, July 25

Summer Smiles!

Wow, can you believe it is already the end of July? 
 Summer is going by way too fast. When it is not too hot we are spending most of our time outside playing and we've been going to the the zoo almost every week. 
 Lawson loves to look at all of the animals and run around. With the membership Mike gave me for Mother's Day it is free to go any time we want.  Perfect Mom Day gift! 
Lawson is growing like a weed. He will be 18 months old in about a week, hard to believe! 

I hope everyone is having as good of a summer as we are!

First time on the beach


Sewing a Cute Little Bag

I made this little bag today. I used the fabric that I had leftover from the apron that I made in my sewing class almost a year ago!

Cute, huh?