Thursday, August 30

Lawson's First Day of School

Today was Lawson's first day of school. He had a great time and did not cry at all when I dropped him off. I was a little sad to let him go and missed him while he was there.  He was very tired when I picked him up and fell asleep in the car on the way home.  He slept for about 2 hours so he must have been worn out!

 Getting ready to go to school for the first time

 Running away from me!

Waiting in line

 A little baggy they gave me when I dropped him off filled with a note, the teachers phone numbers and room number, a hersey kiss, band-aid and tissue. The note says

Mother's Morning Out Survival Kit
A Band-Aid to heal your broken heart
A Tissue to wipe away your tears
A Room number to feel secure
A Kiss to make it all better

This is an activity they did with them in class today

Worn out from a great first day!

Thursday, August 23

Thinking About Fall....

I picked these shirts up for Lawson at Wal-Mart for $3.88(ea), can't beat that. I think I will have them appliqued in the fall, they were out of white(I asked my Mom to keep an eye out at her Wal-Mart for me!)but I think the tan would look cute with a pumpkin or something Thanksgiving-ish and the grey with something Halloween-ish?

How cute?

Meet The Teacher: Lawson's First School

Today was meet the teacher day at Lawson's School. I am pretty excited that he will be starting a school program next week, I will miss him while he is there though! I think he will have a lot of fun learning with the boys and girls in his class and after meeting his teachers today I really think they will be perfect for his first school experience. They will have a theme every month and learn about whatever the theme is for the whole month, they also will focus on learning colors, and have arts and craft time, play time outside and circle time. There are 8 children in his class and 2 teachers. They celebrate their Birthdays in the class, have a Christmas party, and a end of the year party too!
His first class is next Thursday. Of course I will post some pictures of his first day!

The "Head" sign is a car tag that they gave me today for when I drop him off and pick him up in the car pool line! :(

Tuesday, August 21

Etsy Blanket: Sewing

Sold another blanket on Etsy! This owl fabric seems to be a hit!
Contact me if you would like one of these or one with different fabric. I can order almost anything and can suggest a cute fabric combination for you!

Sunday, August 19

A Fun Family Weekend

This weekend Heather, Daniel, cousin Madeline and cousin David came to visit. We had a nice time catching up with them, we spent Saturday morning at the Zoo, then had lunch together at McAlister's Deli. Sunday morning we went to church and had brunch afterwards at Nana and Pops. Then we had a "pool party" at GranMary's neighborhood pool to celebrate Mike's brother's, Ben and Daniel's, Birthdays. I didn't take too many photos but here are a few for you to enjoy. We are always sad to see Uncle Daniel, Aunt Heather, cousins Madeline and David leave but we had a great time with them this weekend! 

Looking at the elephants

 They looked thrilled to be taking this picture, right?

Pop and Madeline 

Thursday, August 16

American Heart Association Heart Walk: Team Landyn

Most of you know that my best friends baby, Landyn Clark, was born with a congenital heart defect. After he was born the doctors told his parents that he had a 10% chance of survival. Miraculously, he celebrated his 1st Birthday on August 11th and is doing very well. 
He has already had two open heart surgeries and numerous other surgeries as well. On September 29th Mike, Lawson and I will be walking with Team Landyn in the American Heart Association Heart Walk in Charleston.  The purpose of the walk is to raise money for all of the below projects. I have set a goal and you can help me complete it by going to this page and donating. Thank you in advance for your support. Without advancements in medicine that have come to fruition through research such as the project listed below, Landyn would not be here today.

Please click on this link and donate today!
Team Landyn - AHA Heart Walk

The funds we raise in the Heart Walk will support projects like these:

  • Putting up-to-the-minute research into doctors’ hands so they can better prevent and treat heart disease among patients.
  • Groundbreaking pediatric heart and stroke research. About 36,000 babies are born with heart defects each year —research is the key to saving babies’ lives.
  • Getting life-saving information to those who need it most – information that can save a life, like how to eat better, how to recognize the warning signs of heart attack, and how to talk to a doctor about critical health choices.
  • Monday, August 13

    Etsy Blanket: Sewing

    I haven't done much sewing lately, but I did sell this blanket to someone on Etsy. It is the same fabric that I used to make Mary Mathews blanket, here. I hope to do some more sewing once the school year starts back and once Lawson starts Mother's Morning Out on August 30th.

    Saturday, August 11

    Landyn's First Birthday

    Landyn turned 1 this weekend! What an exciting day, a day that many doctors thought would never come. He has overcome so much. We had a great time at his first birthday party. I purchased this wooden box and letters at Michaels Craft Store and glued the letters and spray painted it brown to give to him. This was something my sister gave to Lawson for his first birthday and I thought it was a great idea. I included some pictures with notes written on the back of them in the box, and a letter saying that I thought Landyn could use this as a toy box, or treasure chest while he is a little boy and a place to keep pictures and other mementos as he grows up.  I think that Landyn and Mackenzie liked the box and I think this is a great first birthday gift if you are trying to think of something that the child will be able to keep for a long time!
    Mike also wanted me to say how much he enjoyed the cake pops and how he is looking forward to the ones that Mackenzie is going to make for him! ;)
    Happy 1st Birthday Landyn! We love you!


    Saturday, August 4

    Lawson 18 Months: Things I want to Remember

    Lawson is 18 months old. His vocabulary is growing so much and he is just such a fun and playful little boy. He is really starting to enjoy having Moose around and plays with him more and more everyday.
    Lawson loves to swim, play outside, loves his Baby Einstein videos and has recently started liking "Yo Gabba Gabba" and "Bubble Guppies" on Nick Jr. He sleeps with his blue blanket and has recently become pretty attached to it. He carries it around the house and holds onto it whenever he is sitting in his chair. 
    He doesn't like to have any stuffed animals in his crib, any time we try to put one in the bed with him he always throws them out of the bed and onto the floor. He still likes spaghetti and PB & J, but he has no interest in pizza or mashed potatoes. He likes Mexican rice and cheese quesadillas too.
    He tries to count but the only numbers he can really say are two and nine so he just says "two, two, two, nine" He likes to pretend that anything is a telephone and will ask me who he should call, "Aunt Page? Daddy?" he usually ends up "calling" Daddy and mumbles some things and then hangs up. He will purposely fall out of his chair and stand up and say "I'm K" (I'm OK) over and over again. He hides his farm animals under the blanket on the couch and asks "Where Go?"  Whenever I ask him to "Come here please" he repeats me and says "Mere peas", He says "peas"(please) when he wants anything. 
    He loves farm animals and loves pointing out any "baby" he sees, on a box, a book, the TV, at the store, etc, etc. He also loves to tell you to see things "see, see, see" when he wants you to "See" something. 
    Whenever you ask him where something or someone is he answers "Not know"(Don't know) and holds his hands up like he doesn't know. So, when I ask "Where is your cup, ball, Daddy, blanket?" his reply is always "Not know"
    We go to the YMCA almost every day and he enjoys playing with the kids in the nursery, he likes pushing the buttons to the elevator and people always stop to talk to him and tell him how cute he is! :)
    Here are a some recent photos, sorry a lot of them are of the back of his head but I feel like that is how we spend most of the day, him running and me chasing after him! haha