Saturday, August 11

Landyn's First Birthday

Landyn turned 1 this weekend! What an exciting day, a day that many doctors thought would never come. He has overcome so much. We had a great time at his first birthday party. I purchased this wooden box and letters at Michaels Craft Store and glued the letters and spray painted it brown to give to him. This was something my sister gave to Lawson for his first birthday and I thought it was a great idea. I included some pictures with notes written on the back of them in the box, and a letter saying that I thought Landyn could use this as a toy box, or treasure chest while he is a little boy and a place to keep pictures and other mementos as he grows up.  I think that Landyn and Mackenzie liked the box and I think this is a great first birthday gift if you are trying to think of something that the child will be able to keep for a long time!
Mike also wanted me to say how much he enjoyed the cake pops and how he is looking forward to the ones that Mackenzie is going to make for him! ;)
Happy 1st Birthday Landyn! We love you!


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