Thursday, August 23

Meet The Teacher: Lawson's First School

Today was meet the teacher day at Lawson's School. I am pretty excited that he will be starting a school program next week, I will miss him while he is there though! I think he will have a lot of fun learning with the boys and girls in his class and after meeting his teachers today I really think they will be perfect for his first school experience. They will have a theme every month and learn about whatever the theme is for the whole month, they also will focus on learning colors, and have arts and craft time, play time outside and circle time. There are 8 children in his class and 2 teachers. They celebrate their Birthdays in the class, have a Christmas party, and a end of the year party too!
His first class is next Thursday. Of course I will post some pictures of his first day!

The "Head" sign is a car tag that they gave me today for when I drop him off and pick him up in the car pool line! :(


  1. I can't believe he's going to "school".

  2. I know! Bitter sweet :)