Sunday, September 30

Heart Walk - Charleston, SC

This weekend was the Heart Walk in Charleston, Team Landyn ended up raising close to $3000 thanks to all of our friends and family members that generously donated to such a great cause! Mike, Lawson and I headed down to Summerville Friday afternoon, we stayed the night at my Aunts house and got up around 6:45 AM to drive into Charleston for the walk. We ate lunch with the team at a deli downtown and headed back to Sunmerville for Lawson to take a nap. After that we went to my cousins house to watch some football and eat dinner. Sunday morning we got up early and got on the road because I had to work Sunday afternoon! Whew, it was a busy weekend but we had so much fun and were so glad to be a part of something so special. Here are a few pictures.

This picture makes me laugh. Both boys looking over at the same thing and both with their hands in their mouth!

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