Sunday, September 9

Mike's Birthday weekend

This weekend we celebrated Mikes Birthday. Friday night we went to dinner at Tonys pizza and then I surprised Mike with a carriage ride downtown. I think he really enjoyed it, especially the history part. Our carriage driver was very knowledgable about Greenville and how Greenville came to be! I you ever want to take a carriage ride I would recommend it for sure! Whispering Winds Carriage
Saturday we headed to Tiger Town to see the Tigers WIN their first home game of the season against Ball State. Lawson stayed at Grandmas and Pa-Paws(as Lawson calls him), he seemed to have a really good time because he did not want to leave when we came to pick him up.
Sunday was followed up with a trip to the park, some errands and dinner with Grand-Mary. Lawson wasnt feeling good Sunday evening and was had a fever so he went to bed pretty early, we hope its nothing serious amd that he is back to his normal happy self in the morning! Here are some pictures of the weekend.
Happy 31st Birthday Mike/Daddy! We love you very much!

I made this yummy cookie cake/pie that I found on Pinterest, Adventures in my Kitchen, Mike's favorite cake is cookie cake so he loved it  


We met this friendly man while we were waiting on our carriage ride, his name is Ken and he actually knew Mike's Dad, he played us a couple of songs while we were waiting, he was very talented.


Game Day! Go Tigers!

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