Saturday, October 27

Denver Downs Farm!

Saturday we went to Denver Downs Farm with our good friends The Swigers, we had a great time! I could not believe how much there was to do there, this was our first time going so I didn't really know what to expect but it far exceeded my expectations and we will definitely go back next year. 

We asked Lawson what his favorite part was and he said, the goats, haha, he says this when we go to the Zoo too. Charlotte said her favorite part was the jumping thing that she did with her Mom, it did look like a lot of fun, we didn't try it but maybe next year Lawson will be big enough to do it. 

They had tractors that the children could climb on, a cow train ride that was too cute, we rode it twice, Lawson wasn't sure about it the first time but loved it the second time and I think he may have gone by himself for a third time but it was time to leave and get some lunch. 
We picked out our very own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch and they had these huge corn kernel boxes filled with corn kernels that kids could play in like sand boxes! I thought that was so neat! 

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