Sunday, October 28

Fall Festival at MUMC

Today was the Fall Festival at our church, we had a good time playing the carnival games, riding the little train, and visiting with friends. Thankfully the weather stayed somewhat decent in order for us to enjoy some of the outdoor activities too! Here are some pictures I took while we were there. Isn't Lawson the cutest little puppy dog ever?? :)

Going for a ride on the train! Leaving the station :)

Grandma and her puppy dog

Landyn the Lion and Mommy fishing together

Fishing with Grandma

Bean bag toss


Almost a strike!

Photo session with BFF Landyn the Lion


Cutest dog ever :)

Daddy lifting Lawson up to touch the net

Duck Pond, grab a duck get a prize

Fishing with Daddy

Great costumes!!

Same expression?? Little Mike (Lawson Miles)

Bean bag toss with Mommy!



Pie throwing at the MUMC staff

Bye, Bye!

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