Sunday, October 14

Fall Happenings

This weekend we went to Fall for Greenville, Lawson rode on a carousel for the very first time. He also tried the bounce house but cried most of the time. He liked the carousel the first couple of times we went around but wasn't too sure about it after that. Better luck next year?!
We are in a bible study class at church that meets on Wednesday nights and we really enjoying it, we are getting to know some other young couples too.
I have been working on some crafty projects in my spare time too but may give some of them as Christmas gifts so I'm not going to post about them, yet.  Here are some random pictures of our life lately, which may or may not be boring to you. :)

Bible Study

Lawson and Moose - loving each other!

Daddy and Lawson

At the GA Tech Game

 Cheese! Take 3

 Not so sure about the carousel

Mommy and Lawson at Fall For Greenville

 Ready to get off!

Heading home, big night at FFG!

At the Zoo Saturday morning

Coloring with Charlotte, waiting on his pizza at Barley's

 Some of Lawson's recent school work :)

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