Thursday, October 18

Superhero Cape

Mike has mentioned a number of times that Lawson "needs" a superhero cape, I thought about buying one for him for Christmas but decided I would try and make one instead. I figured it was probably something I could handle and overall I think it turned out OK.
I basically copied everything that Puking Pastilles said to do, I printed out the Batman and Superman printouts you see below but just free-handed the actual cape onto my cheap-o fabric that I bought from Hancock Fabrics. I figured if I screwed it up so much that it was not wearable I would just go buy some was so cheap! I may regret that later depending on how much Lawson wears it, I may want some more durable fabric. Oh well, this will be fine for now. Plus, he isn't even into superheros right now so I don't know why Mike insists that he has a cape but whatever...maybe it's a guy thing?? I'm saving this for Christmas so I don't have any pictures of Lawson wearing it, yet!

Here are all of the supplies you will need
1. Red thread
2. Black thread
3. Fusible interfacing, unlike the blog mentioned above the instructions say to "peel off the fusible interfacing, mine was ironed onto the felt so there was no way to peel it off - maybe I bought the wrong kind. I don't know.
3. 1 sheet of black, red, and yellow felt
4. 1/2 yard of red fabric
5. 1/2 yard of black fabric
7. Print out the batman and superman applique patterns from the other blog

Step 1: Trace your batman and superman printouts onto the fusible interfacing, trace the outside circle and bat separately, and the outside of the superman and the inside separately - like you see below
(don't use a (washable)fabric pen like I did because once you iron what you have traced onto the felt the lines come off and you can't see where you are trying to cut....just use a regular pen or pencil)

Step 2: Iron onto the felt

Step 3: Cut the appliques out

Step 4: Fold your fabric in half selvage to selvage, and draw the cape onto the fabric with a piece of chalk, again I used the other blog as a reference for my measurements and did half of the total width I wanted which was 20" for my width, and measured Lawson from shoulder to knee for the length +1. Cut your fabric.

Step 5: Put your black fabric on top of your red fabric(make sure you fold your red selvage to selvage) and cut out around so that you have 1 black piece and 1 red piece of fabric (the front and back of your cape)

Step 6: Pin your superman and batman appliques to your capes

 Step 7: Sew around the appliques, I used a zig-zag stitch on the batman like the other blog did but don't think it was necessary(felt does not fray) I  just used a regular stitch on the superman applique

Step 8: Pin right sides together and sew around the entire cape leaving an opening at the bottom so you can turn right side out

Step 9: Iron and edge stitch around the cape 

Step 10: Place your velcro where you want it to go and sew it on

TaDa! Superhero cape!

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