Sunday, December 30

Lap Trays

I purchased two of these lap trays to give to Lawson and Madeline for Christmas. They come in just about every color and don't have anything on them so you can personalize them any way you want. 

I printed out some things I wanted to use on Madeline and Lawson's tray and taped the images to the back. I used a white paint pen to copy my images and their names on the tray. 

It was pretty simple, but you could make it more complicated by adding different colors and more images. However, when doing Lawson's, I found out that all you have to do is use a little rubbing alcohol and the paint comes right off. Good to know!

Madeline's tray was a little bit easier to trace the images on because her tray is a light pink with a little bit of glitter and you can see through it a little bit. Lawson's is solid orange and wasn't as easy to see the pictures I was trying to trace. 

You could fill these up with coloring books, crayons, and whatever else.  Umm...Birthday gift idea??

Butterflies and flowers always remind me of little girls! :)

Picture from Heather of Princess Madeline and her lap tray!

Some of his favorite, tiger paw, airplane, and a dog. 

Wednesday, December 26

Newborn Shadow Box

I saw this great idea on Pinterest and just had to do it, I had all of Lawson's birth memorabilia shoved in a box in the attic so for me, this was a perfect display option. The thing I like about this too, is that you can do this for multiple children, and how cute would it be to hang them together somewhere in your house?  If you didn't want to do that just having it in his or her nursery would be cute too.

I started going through all of the things from the hospital and pulled out some of my favorites and realized I had WAY more than I could ever fit into a shadow box. I went back to the Pinterest ideas to see what other people did and kind of just used the same things.

I am giving it to Mike for Christmas I hope he likes it!

Pinning everything down, later I realized there was a stick on velcro that you can stick to all of your items and then stick to the back of the shadow box felt. This was much easier.

 I ended up using
1. A newborn sleeper outfit(which is the size of the box!) :(
2. Birth announcement
3. All of our hospital bracelets
4. A hat he wore in the hospital and on the way home
4. Swatches of his nursery fabric
5. His first foot print
6. Part of the contraction print out paper (Mike cut a piece off while we were in the hospital, I would have never thought to do that!)
 7. The name tag/sign that was in his bassinet while we were in the hospital
8. A tag off of some flowers that were sent to us while we were in the hospital

Some other things that I thought you could include that could be really cute... ultra sound picture, a picture of you and your baby in the hospital, hand prints, little shoes, or a bib. I just ran out of room and had to stop somewhere but the options are endless.

Sunday, December 23

Holiday Lights and Santa

We went on a spontaneous ride through Roper Mountain Lights last night. Lawson really liked all of the lights and kept saying "ooohhh, that's pretty daddy!"  Here are a few pictures, which aren't all that great but its tradition, and if you grew up in Greenville(like Mike and I) you will remember going on many field trips to Roper Mountain, to the planetarium, the history farm, etc.

We also tried to go visit Santa, Lawson did not like him at all and wouldn't let go of Mike to sit in his lap. 
I was kind of surprised because he has been talking about Santa Claus for a month now. Oh well, better luck next year?


Waiting in line to see Santa

 Asleep on the way home

Thursday, December 20

Fourth Anniversary

Mike and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary with a nice adult night out. First we had dinner at Nantucket Seafood which is located in the Marriott right here in downtown. The restaurant is right next to Ice On Main which is an outdoor ice skating rink that is open during the winter months. We sat at a table right next to the window where we could see all of the ice skaters, it was pretty neat and the food was delicious!
After dinner we went to a show at the Peace Center called Holiday at Peace, this is a show that the Peace Center does every year during the holidays and that we have been to before but we enjoyed it even more this time.

Happy 4th Anniversary to my wonderful husband and thank you for planning this special evening for us!

These ornaments were a wedding gift and hang on our tree every year


This was waiting for me in my car, a CD that had the song that we danced to at our wedding reception

At dinner

 Holiday at Peace

Ice Skating Rink at dinner

Friday, December 14

Salt Dough Ornaments Revisited

We made some salt dough ornaments today, I made a salt dough hand impression last year but found this pin on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to do some cookie cutter salt dough ornaments and paint them. They turned out really cute, I only have one finished picture though. Oops.

Playing with the dough

For the most part Lawson didn't really care about doing this and just wanted to play with the Christmas tree

I ended up doing most of these by myself. I did get Lawson to do one good hand print.

This is the only finished picture I have, the coloring in this picture isn't great, the outside is painted green, the hand white with sliver glitter. I painted the rest of the ornaments and put some glitter on them and hung them on the tree.

I hung his hand print on the wall in our kitchen

Thursday, December 13

MMO Christmas Party

Lawson's Mothers Morning Out class had a little Christmas party this week, this was the first time that I was able to meet his classmates and their mothers. We had a good time talking with each other. 
Delicious sugar cookies, bananas, grapes, and cheese puffs were on the menu. Of course Lawson enjoyed the sugar cookies, he ate at least two! Here are a few pictures from the party.

Some of Lawson's goodies from the party along with his Christmas tree fingerprint craft they made and ornament with his picture.