Thursday, December 20

Fourth Anniversary

Mike and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary with a nice adult night out. First we had dinner at Nantucket Seafood which is located in the Marriott right here in downtown. The restaurant is right next to Ice On Main which is an outdoor ice skating rink that is open during the winter months. We sat at a table right next to the window where we could see all of the ice skaters, it was pretty neat and the food was delicious!
After dinner we went to a show at the Peace Center called Holiday at Peace, this is a show that the Peace Center does every year during the holidays and that we have been to before but we enjoyed it even more this time.

Happy 4th Anniversary to my wonderful husband and thank you for planning this special evening for us!

These ornaments were a wedding gift and hang on our tree every year


This was waiting for me in my car, a CD that had the song that we danced to at our wedding reception

At dinner

 Holiday at Peace

Ice Skating Rink at dinner

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