Sunday, December 30

Lap Trays

I purchased two of these lap trays to give to Lawson and Madeline for Christmas. They come in just about every color and don't have anything on them so you can personalize them any way you want. 

I printed out some things I wanted to use on Madeline and Lawson's tray and taped the images to the back. I used a white paint pen to copy my images and their names on the tray. 

It was pretty simple, but you could make it more complicated by adding different colors and more images. However, when doing Lawson's, I found out that all you have to do is use a little rubbing alcohol and the paint comes right off. Good to know!

Madeline's tray was a little bit easier to trace the images on because her tray is a light pink with a little bit of glitter and you can see through it a little bit. Lawson's is solid orange and wasn't as easy to see the pictures I was trying to trace. 

You could fill these up with coloring books, crayons, and whatever else.  Umm...Birthday gift idea??

Butterflies and flowers always remind me of little girls! :)

Picture from Heather of Princess Madeline and her lap tray!

Some of his favorite, tiger paw, airplane, and a dog. 

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  1. We love the tray! Madeline has had so much fun using it to color her new coloring books that she got for Christmas. Thank you, Aunt Sara!!