Wednesday, December 26

Newborn Shadow Box

I saw this great idea on Pinterest and just had to do it, I had all of Lawson's birth memorabilia shoved in a box in the attic so for me, this was a perfect display option. The thing I like about this too, is that you can do this for multiple children, and how cute would it be to hang them together somewhere in your house?  If you didn't want to do that just having it in his or her nursery would be cute too.

I started going through all of the things from the hospital and pulled out some of my favorites and realized I had WAY more than I could ever fit into a shadow box. I went back to the Pinterest ideas to see what other people did and kind of just used the same things.

I am giving it to Mike for Christmas I hope he likes it!

Pinning everything down, later I realized there was a stick on velcro that you can stick to all of your items and then stick to the back of the shadow box felt. This was much easier.

 I ended up using
1. A newborn sleeper outfit(which is the size of the box!) :(
2. Birth announcement
3. All of our hospital bracelets
4. A hat he wore in the hospital and on the way home
4. Swatches of his nursery fabric
5. His first foot print
6. Part of the contraction print out paper (Mike cut a piece off while we were in the hospital, I would have never thought to do that!)
 7. The name tag/sign that was in his bassinet while we were in the hospital
8. A tag off of some flowers that were sent to us while we were in the hospital

Some other things that I thought you could include that could be really cute... ultra sound picture, a picture of you and your baby in the hospital, hand prints, little shoes, or a bib. I just ran out of room and had to stop somewhere but the options are endless.

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