Friday, December 7

Play Felt Christmas Tree

I'm sure you've all seen the adorable felt Christmas tree on Pinterest. I thought it was so cute and perfect for Lawson so I made him one today. It is hanging on the wall right next to our real Christmas tree. Lawson is very excited that he has his own tree and was very excited to show Daddy when he got home from work. He seems to really like taking off and putting back on all of the ornaments.

Here are the supplies you need
1. 1/2 yard of green felt for your tree, I wish mine was a little bit lighter color green but this was all they had
2. Felt squares in different colors
3. Pom poms and whatever else you want to use to "decorate" your ornaments
4. Scissors
5. Don't use Elmers glue like you see here it doesn't stick to felt, use felt glue or a glue gun, I learned this after my poms poms started falling off and had to get out the glue gun.
6. Chalk to draw your tree on the felt

After you draw one side of the tree, just cut it out and fold the tree over onto the other side of the felt, this makes it much easier to get the tree symmetrical.

Hang the tree on the wall, I used painters tape, I just rolled the tape up and stuck it onto the tree and then stuck it onto the wall. I've also seen where people have used command strips or sticky tack. We put ours up right beside our real tree. 

Instead of taking a nap Lawson colored and watched me make the ornaments for his tree

I used a glass to trace and cut the circles out


How cute and simple is that?

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