Friday, December 14

Salt Dough Ornaments Revisited

We made some salt dough ornaments today, I made a salt dough hand impression last year but found this pin on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to do some cookie cutter salt dough ornaments and paint them. They turned out really cute, I only have one finished picture though. Oops.

Playing with the dough

For the most part Lawson didn't really care about doing this and just wanted to play with the Christmas tree

I ended up doing most of these by myself. I did get Lawson to do one good hand print.

This is the only finished picture I have, the coloring in this picture isn't great, the outside is painted green, the hand white with sliver glitter. I painted the rest of the ornaments and put some glitter on them and hung them on the tree.

I hung his hand print on the wall in our kitchen

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