Saturday, February 16

Bowling with the Furman Paladin Club

Lawson went bowling for the first time with Pop and Nana and the Greenville Paladin Club, much to my surprise he loved every minute of it and especially loved the popcorn! The Football coach stopped by to tell us hello too! 

Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

 I'm always trying to think of some non edible things for Lawson to give to his 5 classmates for the holidays. It is hard to come up with age appropriate things and most food items end up dumped out in my car, crushed up on the floor in my house, or all over Lawson's clothes.  
We put little red bath ducks, one thing of pink bubbles and one red heart sucker in this Valentine treat bag. I found the ducks in the $1 bins at Target and the bubbles are from the wedding section at Michaels. Lawson really enjoyed playing with the bubbles. I had a lot left over but knew that I would when I bought them. I figure I will use them for another Valentine goodie bag at some point, maybe his K2 class will get the same thing next year! Ha. 
We also surprised Daddy with red balloons in his car and went to visit Aunt Page and Grandma at their work right after Lawson got out of school on Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 7

Valentine Hearts

I made this while I was cleaning up all of Lawson's Birthday stuff. 
I already had the pails, I found them at Target in the $1 bins about a month ago. I used the sticks and moss that I used in the centerpiece for his Birthday party. I cut the hearts out of my craft paper and glued them onto the sticks. 


Wednesday, February 6

Lawson's 2nd Birthday

Here are some photos from our little family Birthday celebration and his birthday party at school.

Special Birthday dinner

Opening his gifts


Aquarium Truck

For those of you wondering... what in the world is an Aquarium Truck??
Purchased from perfect for the truck and Nemo lover

Band in a Box

What were we thinking??!

Birthday Party at school

He wore this hat for about 2 seconds

There is only one girl in his class and she wasn't there this day so it was an all boy party!

I thought he was going to fly off of the back of this thing! Haha it was funny, he obviously plays on this a lot.