Wednesday, April 3

We're Moving!

In case you are living under a rock and did not know, we put our house on the market in February. We decided to try FSBO because we live on a street with a decent amount of traffic and live in a desirable area. 
We figured we would be waiting a couple months before we had an offer. but had one in 3 days. We accepted the offer on my 28th Birthday and plan to close on April 19th. Our things will be moved out of our house on the 19th and moved into our new home on the 20th. 
We are so happy that it happened so quickly and I am SO GLAD it is all over.  We spent about a month prior to listing the house doing minor repairs and fixes, depersonalizing(you would not be able to find a family photo anywhere in the house if you tried), moved some furniture and other non essential things out, cleaned out closets, and tried to hide as many baby things as we could, to make it more showable. I spent a lot of time taking pictures of the rooms, I had some from before Lawson was born but needed more of the kitchen and dining room, I also spent a lot of time updating our house listing on Zillow so we would have the accurate house information out to the public....apparently it paid off!!
Our new house is  nothing like our current home, just to give you an idea, our current home was built in 1961 and our new home in 2004. We will miss being so close to some of the amenities and friends we have right around here, but know people in the area we are moving to too and will still only be 15 minutes from where we are now. We are looking forward to being closer to Lawson's school, the church we are going to regularly and love, and our parents.

Our new neighborhood has a pool, tennis courts(I may have to take up the sport), and a great playground for children. Our new house has 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, a formal living room that we plan to close off and use as a media/bonus/tv/man room for Mike and a large office right off the family room that I plan to use as a play room while Lawson is little(no more toys in our living room area and he will still be close to all the action so I can keep an eye on him!)
It has a very open floor plan, which I think is hilarious because when we purchased this home that was exactly what I did NOT want. My mom and I joke and say in 10 years I won't want the open floor plan again, and she is probably right, but for now, while Lawson is young, I think it will be perfect.
Another thing I am looking forward to is that the main part of the house, the kitchen and family room, are on the back of the house,unlike our current home where the bedrooms are in the back. 
Lawson loves playing outside and I can't wait to be able to load the dishwasher or start dinner while he is playing,all while SEEING what he is doing right from the Kitchen window. It's the little things. :) 

The neighborhood is actually one that's been on my list of about 3 that I have been looking at and liked for awhile. My sister and I looked at a house in the same neighborhood about a year ago that was for sale. At the time the real estate agent thought I was insane because we did not even have our current house listed or know when we would list but I still just wanted to see ....Now I understand that she thought I was wasting her time, which I kind of was...just doing some house touring. :)

Anyway, long post, sorry to go on and on and sorry for my grammatical or spelling errors but thought it would be better than time to re-check!..and this is the major thing that has been going on at The Head Household these days!

Bye, Bye to our First Home! 
Best Memories: Moving in, Football tailgate parties with friends, The birth of Lawson

Memories I will try to forget:  Painting. We painted every inch of this home, trim, baseboards, doors, walls, ceilings, storage sheds, you name it we painted it....The Kitchen, the Bathroom AND Lawson's room TWICE!! Ugh! 

HELLO New Home!!!!
Can't wait to be here!