Wednesday, August 14

Summer Sewing

Here are some sewing projects I worked on this summer, most of this is just clothes for Lawson, but I did get a few other things done too. It can be addicting once you start. 

I made these shorts and the applique, this was my favorite out of all of the outfits I made,
 he wore this all the time this summer

Another outfit

Butterfly and cupcake shirt for Mary Mathews, Octopus for Lawson

Airplanes - this was my second outfit

This was the first outfit I made, whew, those shorts are loud! He mostly wore the shirt
with some black and white shorts that we already had. I started with some fabric I wouldn't
care too much about if I were to mess it up!

PJ Pants for Lawson

I made this blanket for our wonderful friend, Landyn Clark

The curtains, pillow, and chair cushion in Lawson's new room here, were some
other sewing projects I worked on this summer!

Tuesday, August 13

Lawson's New Room

We've actually made some progress on Lawson's big boy room this summer. We left the paint colors you see in the before picture below, originally we were going to repaint but found some fabrics and items we liked to go along with the colors. It looks red in the before picture but it is actually a burnt orange so pairing it with some orange and navy worked out just fine.
 Lawson loves it and can't wait to take anyone new who comes over up to his room so they can see.



I made the pillow using the same fabric that I used to make his curtains, the back of the pillow and the truck is fabric I had from making his chocolate chip cookie Halloween costume 2 years ago.

I found the printable here, The Diary of DavesWife.
 I want a different lamp, this is the one we used in his nursery in the old house and now I want something bigger,I just haven't been able to find exactly what I want, so I took the nursery fabric off the bottom of this lamp and stuck this L on here. It works for now.

Daddy added the Clemson decals and the
 football poster on the closet door. Go Tigers :)

I love having all of this storage space for all of his stuff. The right side(not pictured) has more built ins and hanging space as well, it is fantastic.
Lawson and Mike were sharing one closet in the old house. Yikes.

I found this online, but cannot find the link.

I found the map of the United States, here, but originally saw it here, Bless Our Nest

 I found this frame at Garden Ridge and knew exactly what I wanted to do.
There is a song by the Dixie Chicks called Goodspeed, Sweet Dreams which I loved years before Lawson was born. Lawson and I started listening to the song in the car recently because I found the very old CD, he liked it too and immediately started singing the words along with me. So on the left side of the frame are the lyrics and the right side, a picture of Lawson on the beach in Florida.

You can hear the song for yourself right here

We still have some things to do, I am debating painting his chest of drawers and we want to install some book shelves but for the most part his room is complete. 

Lawson 2 1/2 - Things I Want to Remember

Lawson turned 2 1/2 on August 4th, he is growing like a weed and is just the cutest and funniest little boy I know. He makes us laugh every day. He loves music and singing songs, some of his favorite songs are ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, You Are My Sunshine, Jesus Loves Me, and anything by The Wiggles. Every time we put him to bed he wants Daddy to rub his back and sing him all of the songs. He still loves cars and trucks but has recently ventured out to like trains as well. His favorite TV shows are, Bubble Guppies, The Wiggles, Caillou, and Jake and The Neverland Pirates. He loves playing Hide and Seek and will ask you to go hide, cover his eyes(sort of) count to five and then walk around with his eyes still halfway closed to find you. When it is his turn to hide he usually hides under one of the chair cushions in our family room with his legs hanging out for you to plainly see, he thinks this is the best spot though. He loves the swimming pool, and swinging very HIGH. Daddy and Lawson have recently named a stuffed dinosaur Bob and Lawson has become pretty attached to it, he also still loves his "Buppie" aka, his blanket. He is doing such a great job going to the potty, we conquered that over July 4th weekend. I am SO proud of him. 
He loves getting under the covers in the bed and saying it is a "tent". 
He is supposed to take 1 nap a day but he usually just wants to stay up and play and then he is a total wreck around 5PM. He still goes to bed at 8, earlier if he doesn't take a nap. He sleeps in his big boy bed and runs to our room when he gets up in the morning which is anywhere from 7:15-8AM. He likes hitting golf balls, and playing t-ball. He likes riding on his 4 wheeler all over the house. He LOVES books and being read to. One of his favorites is called, "Where is my Teddy?" We read it together and he basically has the whole book memorized. He waves to strangers where ever he goes. He is full of life and personality. He will start K2 in a couple of week, he is already excited! WE love you so much Lawson! Here are a few recent pictures that I love!

His prize for using the POTTY!

His other prize for using the POTTY! We are so proud of you, Lawson!

The beach!

About to "HOOK" or "TOW" something out of somewhere

Love those baby blues!

SO proud of himself for wearing BIG BOY underwear! "CHEESE! Big boy underwear!"-Lawson

Loves sports already


Being SILLY!

Loving on Bob and his buppie

My heart!

Monday, August 12

Family Command Center

I've admired some of the great family organization spaces on Pinterest for a long time, I knew the perfect place to have one in our new house even before we actually owned the home!  Our back door which is right off our garage leads into our kitchen and has the perfect wall space for all of the junk I want to try and organize.
 I am just getting all of my things together that I would like to include on the wall, and have even thought about painting it before I put anything up permanently. We will see.
Here are a few pictures and some Pinterest inspiration!! Sorry for the not so great lighting in my pics.

The current wall 
and Pop and Nana's dog, Dixie. :)

The Command Center in paper, minus some decorative accents, this is how I want it to look and function.
The long piece across the bottom is for hooks for bags, purses, etc to go on when you come in the door

A view from the laundry room 

This is the very beginning of putting everything together and figuring out what we think will work best for our family

Here are some of the Command Centers that I like

I want my Command Center to have a place for a weekly menu, I may use one of these cute free printables that I found in my weekly menu frame spot on the wall. 

Wish me luck!

Giant Ruler Growth Chart

I've been looking at the growth chart rulers on Pinterest for months now and last week I was having a moment, or a couple of days where I was just feeling like time was going by so fast and figured I better hurry and get one of these made if I wanted to track Lawson's growth before it was time for him to move out and go college. Maybe it had something to do with his 2 1/2 year old birthday was August 4th, I don't know, whatever it was, after Lawson was asleep and Mike was home to hold down the fort, I headed out to our Home Depot to look for a board to start my project.  Once I found what I thought would be the perfect piece of wood for my giant ruler I walked over to the only register that was left open and the cashier says, your total will be $32.  
Insert my confusion...
For a piece of wood?? Can't I go get one of these out of a dump somewhere?? Or off a construction site scrap pile?
....And I just know I read every DIY blog on Pinterest and they all say this project should cost less than $15, total. Stain, wood, paint brush, marker, everything. By this time Home Depot was closing, and I did
consider buying it anyway but was disappointed that my project was going to cost more than I originally thought, considering this did not even include the stain or protective finish, or stencil or any type of marker! So, I told the nice cashier I didn't want it and I would be back the next day. 
The next day I met a nice associate in the board and lumber section who helped me pick out a nice pine board which cost about $9. The difference in the two pieces? I'm still kind of unsure, I think it has something to do with the finish or the treatment the boards receive before going on the shelf. Anyway, I headed to the paint section and found the smallest can of stain and polyurethane in one, in a color I liked, I went to the check out counter again, my total was about $15, and then hoped that I would be able to fit the board in my car. 
Thankfully I got it in my with no problem, just sideways stretching across the console and passenger seat and behind driver seat.
I took my board home put some tables together out in the garage, sanded it down, stained it with one coat of and let it dry for a couple of days.  Sunday afternoon, while Mike was still working on staining the fence and Lawson was taking a nap, I marked my lines in PENCIL first and then, after confirming everything was in the right place, I went back over them with a black sharpie.  I used a 2 inch stencil from Hobby Lobby to stencil on my numbers. 
This project is easy but I was pretty nervous marking all of the lines. I haven't attached any clips or anything to the back but will do that sometime, after I decide where I want to hang it.
Originally, I was thinking upstairs in the hallway next to Lawson's bedroom but now I am leaning towards somewhere downstairs so I can admire my giant ruler more often. Ha.
Either way, we have tons of options because we still have next to nothing on all of the walls in our "new" house.....4 months after moving in. 
Oh and a GREAT idea I read on one of the blogs was to get your child's measurements from your pediatrician( if you don't still have them) that way you can add whatever ones you don't have from the past! Yay!
 I like this idea because even though the doc gave me a piece of paper with this info. on it at every well check, I am not sure where those papers are at the moment and don't really care to spend the time searching for them.
 Guess I need to get a better filing system together or something. Next project?
For now, I'll just let the doctors office do the work for me.
They will probably type his little name in their computer, press PRINT, and VOILA...Lawson's growth chart.

Here are some of the instructions I used that I found on Pinterest

Giant Ruler
Because I like to Decorate
Wilker Do's

The board ready for sanding

Stain and protective whatever in one

We need some of those clamp things

I started my ruler at 6 inches so it will be 6 in off the floor when we hang it on the wall

I will post a picture once we hang it in the house, too!