Monday, August 12

Family Command Center

I've admired some of the great family organization spaces on Pinterest for a long time, I knew the perfect place to have one in our new house even before we actually owned the home!  Our back door which is right off our garage leads into our kitchen and has the perfect wall space for all of the junk I want to try and organize.
 I am just getting all of my things together that I would like to include on the wall, and have even thought about painting it before I put anything up permanently. We will see.
Here are a few pictures and some Pinterest inspiration!! Sorry for the not so great lighting in my pics.

The current wall 
and Pop and Nana's dog, Dixie. :)

The Command Center in paper, minus some decorative accents, this is how I want it to look and function.
The long piece across the bottom is for hooks for bags, purses, etc to go on when you come in the door

A view from the laundry room 

This is the very beginning of putting everything together and figuring out what we think will work best for our family

Here are some of the Command Centers that I like

I want my Command Center to have a place for a weekly menu, I may use one of these cute free printables that I found in my weekly menu frame spot on the wall. 

Wish me luck!

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