Tuesday, August 13

Lawson 2 1/2 - Things I Want to Remember

Lawson turned 2 1/2 on August 4th, he is growing like a weed and is just the cutest and funniest little boy I know. He makes us laugh every day. He loves music and singing songs, some of his favorite songs are ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, You Are My Sunshine, Jesus Loves Me, and anything by The Wiggles. Every time we put him to bed he wants Daddy to rub his back and sing him all of the songs. He still loves cars and trucks but has recently ventured out to like trains as well. His favorite TV shows are, Bubble Guppies, The Wiggles, Caillou, and Jake and The Neverland Pirates. He loves playing Hide and Seek and will ask you to go hide, cover his eyes(sort of) count to five and then walk around with his eyes still halfway closed to find you. When it is his turn to hide he usually hides under one of the chair cushions in our family room with his legs hanging out for you to plainly see, he thinks this is the best spot though. He loves the swimming pool, and swinging very HIGH. Daddy and Lawson have recently named a stuffed dinosaur Bob and Lawson has become pretty attached to it, he also still loves his "Buppie" aka, his blanket. He is doing such a great job going to the potty, we conquered that over July 4th weekend. I am SO proud of him. 
He loves getting under the covers in the bed and saying it is a "tent". 
He is supposed to take 1 nap a day but he usually just wants to stay up and play and then he is a total wreck around 5PM. He still goes to bed at 8, earlier if he doesn't take a nap. He sleeps in his big boy bed and runs to our room when he gets up in the morning which is anywhere from 7:15-8AM. He likes hitting golf balls, and playing t-ball. He likes riding on his 4 wheeler all over the house. He LOVES books and being read to. One of his favorites is called, "Where is my Teddy?" We read it together and he basically has the whole book memorized. He waves to strangers where ever he goes. He is full of life and personality. He will start K2 in a couple of week, he is already excited! WE love you so much Lawson! Here are a few recent pictures that I love!

His prize for using the POTTY!

His other prize for using the POTTY! We are so proud of you, Lawson!

The beach!

About to "HOOK" or "TOW" something out of somewhere

Love those baby blues!

SO proud of himself for wearing BIG BOY underwear! "CHEESE! Big boy underwear!"-Lawson

Loves sports already


Being SILLY!

Loving on Bob and his buppie

My heart!

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