Tuesday, August 13

Lawson's New Room

We've actually made some progress on Lawson's big boy room this summer. We left the paint colors you see in the before picture below, originally we were going to repaint but found some fabrics and items we liked to go along with the colors. It looks red in the before picture but it is actually a burnt orange so pairing it with some orange and navy worked out just fine.
 Lawson loves it and can't wait to take anyone new who comes over up to his room so they can see.



I made the pillow using the same fabric that I used to make his curtains, the back of the pillow and the truck is fabric I had from making his chocolate chip cookie Halloween costume 2 years ago.

I found the printable here, The Diary of DavesWife.
 I want a different lamp, this is the one we used in his nursery in the old house and now I want something bigger,I just haven't been able to find exactly what I want, so I took the nursery fabric off the bottom of this lamp and stuck this L on here. It works for now.

Daddy added the Clemson decals and the
 football poster on the closet door. Go Tigers :)

I love having all of this storage space for all of his stuff. The right side(not pictured) has more built ins and hanging space as well, it is fantastic.
Lawson and Mike were sharing one closet in the old house. Yikes.

I found this online, but cannot find the link.

I found the map of the United States, here, but originally saw it here, Bless Our Nest

 I found this frame at Garden Ridge and knew exactly what I wanted to do.
There is a song by the Dixie Chicks called Goodspeed, Sweet Dreams which I loved years before Lawson was born. Lawson and I started listening to the song in the car recently because I found the very old CD, he liked it too and immediately started singing the words along with me. So on the left side of the frame are the lyrics and the right side, a picture of Lawson on the beach in Florida.

You can hear the song for yourself right here

We still have some things to do, I am debating painting his chest of drawers and we want to install some book shelves but for the most part his room is complete. 

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