Wednesday, August 14

Summer Sewing

Here are some sewing projects I worked on this summer, most of this is just clothes for Lawson, but I did get a few other things done too. It can be addicting once you start. 

I made these shorts and the applique, this was my favorite out of all of the outfits I made,
 he wore this all the time this summer

Another outfit

Butterfly and cupcake shirt for Mary Mathews, Octopus for Lawson

Airplanes - this was my second outfit

This was the first outfit I made, whew, those shorts are loud! He mostly wore the shirt
with some black and white shorts that we already had. I started with some fabric I wouldn't
care too much about if I were to mess it up!

PJ Pants for Lawson

I made this blanket for our wonderful friend, Landyn Clark

The curtains, pillow, and chair cushion in Lawson's new room here, were some
other sewing projects I worked on this summer!

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